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Hello and welcome to our website, I hope you find it user friendly.

D.Ray Construction is located in Yachats, Oregon. we started out in 1990 doing all the custom finish work for a custom home builder in Newport Beach Ca. We do most of our work onsite. we specialize in finish carpentry. We build onsite Cabinetry, All moldings and quite a bit of custom design work. We have 5 full time employees.

We are a small team of full time employees so we thoroughly understand and are able to implement the disciplines required to make our products and meet your deadlines.

The examples of the designs of our Cabinetry, Moldings, Mantles etc. shown in these web pages are only a few we have made. We have personally designed or drawn everyone of these Cabinets as well as hundreds of others. All individually inspired by working with our customer to create the style they want.

I was taught by the old timers and I teach each and every one of my employees how to build properly. We use modern technology and most of our cabinetry is made of MDF but the eye and the heart are what builds your cabinetry and makes your home a piece of art.

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