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D.Ray Constructionís Pricing guide

Priced by the linear foot.

  • Crown Moldings.
  • Base Board.
  • Window and door casings.
  • Jambs.
  • Priced by job or time and material basis.

  • Rebuilding or altering existing cabinetry.
  • Tying into any existing work done by another company.
  • Any odd or unconventional work




    With all of this in mind, Please take the time to Call us out to give you a free estimate on the cost to do the job properly. We have always been less than 1/3 of builder cost to do a much higher quality job.

    Office 949-293-8318 or email us at




    We are very competitive. I guarantee that you will not find a better quality in all of Orange County. The average bedroom with Crown molding installed under $220

    We will design your cabinets for FREE with our new 3d software until we have what you want.

    If You are out there checking and searching for the lowest price, you will always get the lowest quality job, this is a fact.

    Often times I get calls from people asking for a linear foot price and they ask us to beat another Companyís (usually the local handymanís) prices, we have been doing business here in Orange County for over 15 years, we know what it is going to cost to complete a job properly and we charge accordingly.

    We do give large discounts for amount of work done on a home, if we can stay on a job for 3 days to a week it is worth it to me to give a large discount rather than have to set up on another job.

    There are many carpenters out there without proper training, on a day to day basis we go through peoples houses, tear out what another Company has done and rebuild it or reinstall it the proper way.

    My suggestion is to do it right the first time. Our work is Guaranteed. Every single joint is glued and nailed to last forever instead of slapped up to make a dollar. We have never in 15 years had a call back to fix or replace something we have installed.

    We used to post exact prices on our websites then would go out to a home tear out a bad crown job and realize that they charged the same linear foot price as us to install.